Our Keep It Cute - Our plant based all around body wash is the perfect all-natural choice for giving your yoni (vagina) and body the royal treatment – without harsh ingredients or artificial chemicals.

This safe, effective intimate cleanser rinses away easily, so you won’t feel “soapy” after use.  And if you’re prone to bumps and itching after shaving, follow the razor with a simple wash with this delicate foam, and you’re sure to feel better!

Keep It Cute - Natural Feminine Cleanser 7 oz.

SKU: FW01-12
  • * ROSE WATER, to cleanse, soothe, and very gently reduce external bacteria
    * ORGANIC APPLE CIDER, to combat odor by providing healthy acidity to your natural vaginal flora
    * ALOE VERA, to soothe, protect, and moisturize intimate skin
    * BURDOCK, to soften and calm the vulva tissue
    * CALENDULA, to hydrate skin so itching is reduced and healing is sped along
    * MARSHMALLOW, to quell itching, plump tissue, and promote the natural healing process


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