Keeping your kitty fresh, clean, cramp free, old residue free, infection free, is all well and good. BUT maybe your are wanting to acheive a goal with Yoni Steaming. If you have any of the following ailments, then choosing our custom blends is best for you! 
During check out please list what ailment you have in the notes section so we can create your custom blend or complete our intake form.

We can create blends for any of the following.
	Uterine Fibroids
	Fertility (We can help put a bun in your oven)
	Irregular Cycles
	Postpartum (helps heal any tearing, scars,  regulates your cycle and, vaginal toning)
	Peri Menopause or Post Menopause
	Painful Menstrual Cramps
	Chronic Vaginal Dyrness
	Prone to BV or Yeast Infections

2oz - There is enough in each tea bag for 2-54 steam sessions. 
Detailed Steaming instructions will be included in your package, including a schedule of when to steam and how often

Custom V Steam Blend!!

  • Our custom blends uses proprietary 100% organic herbs. If you have any plant allergies please let us know in the notes section during check out.

    Directions: Included with purchase

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