Bliss - Enhancing your sexual experience, intensifying orgasams one drop at a time.


THC option will only be shipped to customers in CA, OR, MI, and CO. If you do not reside in those states please only select the CBD infused option.


Formulated to work with your body to ease discomfort, take arousal to new heights and make great sex even better. Bliss will help women who has, experiences or is going through....Endometriosis, peri-menopausal, Menopause, chronic vaginal dryness, painful intercourse or low libido. Or for women who just wants to add some heat to their sex life.

Bliss - CBD (Plant based lubricant)

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  • Effects will vary from person to person, the specific product you're using, and the amount you use. You won't get a psychoactive high. It will likely take some time (15-20 minutes+) to notice any effects, but some of our participants noted that they felt:

    • More relaxed
    • Tingly sensations
    • Higher, stronger, or prolonged arousal
    • Longer, stronger, and/or multiple orgasms

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