If you are trying to conceive with no underlying medical conditions that prevents pregancies. This blend is for you! Please steam 3-4 time per month.  Start after the end of your period then Two - three times during your ovulation week, 


If you've been suffering from painful menstruation, uterine irregularities, or frequent bacteria/yeast infections, I urge you to give V-steaming a try! A blend of fresh dried herbs and flowers that work together to cleanse, tone, heal and refresh your vagina. 


2oz - There is enough in each tea bag for 2-4 steam sessions. 

Steaming instructions will be included in your package

Baby Fever - V Steam Herbs

  • This is our strongest herbal formula on hand. It includes a strong dose of herbs to help clean out the uterus and improve blood circulation to the mid-section. The herbs included promote circulation, balance the vaginal flora, improve scent, tighten skin, clear out excess mucus and nourish the reproductive organs. Including Rose Petals, White Sage and Parsley among others.

    Directions: detailed instructions will be included with each order

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