Menopause?? Lets call it MenoStart! Start regaining your sexy again through V-steaming! This life change doesn't have to "pause" a thing!

"Someone recently sent me an email and asked if menopausal or postmenopausal women can do vaginal steams. Not only, can they. They love it."

Here are 9 reasons why

1. It Gets Rid of Vaginal Dryness

Postmenopausal steamers report improvement after just one session. They further report an increase in lubrication. Steaming once a week is recommended in order to prevent dryness from reoccurring.

The best herbs for vaginal dryness are moisturizing and cooling such as can be found in the Serenity V-tox cooling herbs.

2. It Relieves Phantom Period Symptoms

Some postmenopausal women report that it still feels like they have their menstrual cycle. Cramping, swollen breasts, PMS, bloating and other period side-effects all occur--just no period. Vaginal steam users report a reduction in phantom symptoms and say that it prevents them from re-occurring.

The best herbs for phantom period symptoms are herbs that help with cleansing and circulation such as in the Serenity V-tox cleansing herbal formula.

3. It Fights Infections

Although the period no longer occurs post-menopause, infections still might. UTIs, yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are not uncommon in postmenopausal women. Postmenopausal steamers commonly report a decrease in infections.

The best herbs for fighting infections include herbs with anti-microbial properties such as can be found in the Serenity V-tox disinfecting herbs.

4. It Clears Up Excess Cervical Mucus

Clear discharge (often referred to as egg-white) is a good sign of lubrication and health. If the discharge is thick, white, flaky, yellow, green or blood-tinted this may be a sign of excess cervical mucus. Excess cervical mucus can harbor unwanted bacteria, yeast or viruses and can have an unpleasant odor. Users who steam consecutively 5-10 days in a row can easily clear out unwanted excess mucus.

Steam is the most important component for clearing out excess mucus. Any of our herb blends will help to aid the process.

5. It Aids With Deep Sleep

Post-menopause vaginal steam users who complain of difficulty sleeping consistently report that vaginal steaming helps them to get a good night’s sleep. Specifically, they report that they are able to get uninterrupted deep sleep.

Any herb blends will aid with deep sleep.

6. It May Dissolve Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts that occur post-menopause are often treated with surgery to remove the ovaries or entire uterus--not something that should be taken lightly. Alternatively, several postmenopausal women have been able to avoid surgery with vaginal steaming alone. Upon follow-up appointments ultrasounds showed that the ovarian cysts were gone and the doctor no longer had reason to perform surgery. 

The best herbs for post-menopause ovarian cysts would be the Serenity V-tox cleansing herbs.

7. It May help with Fibroids

Several case studies exist where women were able to dissolve fibroids naturally using vaginal steaming. Postmenopausal women who are diagnosed with fibroids can use vaginal steam methods as an alternative to surgery. 

The best herbs for post-menopause fibroids would be the Serenity V-tox cleansing herbs.

8. It Helps Connect to the Natural Lunar Cycle

Although no longer experiencing menstruation, post-menopause women continue to be connected to the lunar cycle. Vaginal steaming once a month on the full moon can help women to tune into this natural cycle.

Any herbs may be used for this purpose.

9. It Wakes Up the Libido

Vaginal steam users generally report an overall increase in their libido as well as increased sensation during sex. This is likely because vaginal steaming increases blood flow, lubrication and heat to the reproductive organs.

A postmenopausal steamer reports:

“I am currently on a sexual hiatus..and have not been missing it...I’m almost fifty and believed the non interest was just middle age...but BABY...can I tell you this steam WOKE my VAGINA UP...I felt like taking random men down who crossed my I don’t even have to know you sir...just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

The steam and increase in circulation is the main factor in libido enhancement. Any herbs can be used for this purpose.