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You heard about this magical thing called "infused lube" that makes orgasms feel amazing — and you need it now. But here are some things to note.

How does THC lube feel?

Effects will vary from person to person, the specific product you're using, and the amount you use. You won't get a psychoactive high. It will likely take some time (15-20 minutes+) to notice any effects, but some of our customers noted that they felt:

  • More relaxed

  • Tingly sensations

  • Higher, stronger, or prolonged arousal

  • Longer, stronger, and/or multiple orgasms

Will cannabis lube make me high?

Unlike CBD-only lube which will definitely not make you high, for a few folks who are particularly sensitive to THC or take a large dose, it is possible to feel a little bit of a high. It will likely be nothing like the psychoactive high you'd experience from smoking, vaping, or ingesting cannabis, however, so don't expect to be craving the munchies or being couch locked. Many people don't feel any psychoactive high at all (but they might feel very aroused!).

Who benefits from plant based lubricants?

Every woman can benefit from using our plant based lubricant. It is especially great for women who experiences or is going through, Endometriosis peri-menopause, menopause, chronic vaginal dryness, painful intercourse or low libido.

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